Settembre 30, 2023
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A work by Maestro D’Antoni for the museum of Teora (AV)

The painter Carmelo Fabio D’Antoni, founder of the Stilnovist Artistic Movement, officially becomes part of the historical itinerary of the Contemporary Art Gallery Museum of Teora (AV) with a specially created work depicting Princess Aslaug Sigurdsdóttir.

For this occasion D’ Antoni has created a work on linen canvas 24 × 30 which represents a woman in her full splendor, depicting her according to Norse mythology, as a woman of extraordinary beauty, wise, astute, beloved queen and courageous warrior.

The work will be permanently visible within the museum itinerary, during opening hours.

Maestro D’Antoni thanks the city of Teora and the architect Nicola Guarino for involving him in this wonderful project.

Biographical notes of Carmelo Fabio D’Antoni:

Sicily, land of culture and domination, of blood and fire, of passion and suffering, has always hosted exceptional talents.

D’ Antoni matures his artistic vein in the precious context of his land, nourished by centuries of history and culture present here.

Versatile by definition, he grew up in the workshops of the greatest contemporary masters, experimenting with techniques and styles that led him to find his own path in the sublimation of the female figure.

In 2017 he approaches the Supreme Poet Dante Alighieri, creating works inspired by the Divine Comedy. The artist thus approaches the “Stilnovist” literary thought and decides to take up its philosophy by founding a pictorial current.

His personal growth, troubled and painful, led him to conquer, despite his young age, the highest levels.

History will always remember him as the man who descended into hell passing through the 4 elements until he reached his maximum stature of “Painter of the Dolce Stil Novo”. His is the phrase coined “The maximum expression of art is the strength of the Woman”.

The Artist has grasped the spiritual value of the strength of true love, the woman, sublimating it in her canvases.

Sensitive and respectful man, always characterized by a high spirit, D’Antoni knows how to capture the beauty in the strong and bright expressions of the seductive and bewitching, but never vulgar, eyes of his subjects, which he transforms into mythological and historical women.

From Greece to Scandinavia, passing through Europe and England, the artist transforms his models, sometimes out of his fervent imagination, into immortal warriors, alive and sacred, ethereal guardians of his always precise and disciplined stroke .

Over the years the Maestro’s career has evolved into a constant and continuous growth in the international art world, exhibiting in various museums, foundations and galleries in Rome, Florence, Turin, Messina, Bonn, Baden Baden, Cologne, Berlin, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Vienna, Brussels, Prague, Sofia, Spoleto, Perugia, Andria, Foggia, Catania, Syracuse, Palermo etc.


Paola Dongu | PD&Associates