Settembre 30, 2023
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Great success of the Duo Glycine at the Collegiate Basilica of San Sebastiano in Acireale.

Great success of the Duo Glycine at the Collegiate Basilica of San Sebastiano in Acireale.

Press release

Duo Glycine Music by Faurè, Bizet, Satie
Artistic direction by Maestro Daniele Petralia

Collegiate Basilica of San Sebastiano Acireale (CT)

Sunday 28 May 2023 at 20.30, in the splendid setting of the Collegiate Basilica of San Sebastiano, under the patronage of the Municipality of Acireale, the with great acclaim, the concert (piano four hands) by Duo Glycine, which takes its name from the flower symbol of friendship and trust, composed by two South Korean pianist friends Yebin LEE and Hyewon HA.

The two artists born in 1992, have followed very similar musical paths.

Arriving in France together in 2011, Yebin and Hyewon trained in the same conservatories (Tours, Versailles) and decided to collaborate musically to share their passion for the 4-hands and 2-piano repertoire.

The Duo Glycine offers a varied repertoire, ranging from Baroque music to modern music, including works by Johann Sebastian Bach, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Maurice Ravel, George Gershwin and Claude Debussy.

Since its foundation, Duo Glycine has given numerous concerts, notably in Busan (Korea), São Paulo (Brazil), Ville-d’Avray, Méréville and Paris (France), etc.

In 2020, the duo was invited to play at the Auditorium of the Petit Palais in Paris, as part of the Festival Européen des Jeunes Talents.

The Glycine duo has been selected by the German channel ARD to participate in the international competition for piano duo.

In 2021 the Duo Glycine wins the 1st prize in the Competition
European Piano Online for Piano Duo.

The Duo continues its improvement with the famous “Duo Scaramouche”.

Program carried out:

-Gabriel FAURE
Dolly Suite op. 56
Berceuse; Mi-a-ou; Le jardin de Dolly; Kitty-worth;
Spanish pas.

  • George BIZET
    Jeux d’enfants op. 22
    L’escarpolette (The swing); La toupie (The spinning top); La poupée (The doll); Les chevaux de bois, (The wooden horses); Le volant (The Flywheel); Trumpet and tambour
    (trumpet and drum); Les bulles de savon (The soap bubbles); Les quatre coins (The Four Cantons); Colin-maillard (blind fly); Saute-mouton (Cavallina); Petit mari, petite femme (Little husband, little wife); Le bal (The ball).
  • Eric SATIE
    La Belle Excentrique – Suite
    Grande ritournelle (Great Refrain);
    Marche Franco-Lunaire (Franco-Lunar March);
    Valse du mysterieux baiser dans l’œil (Waltz of the Mysterious Kiss in the Eye);
    Cancan Grand-Mondain (Cancan of High Society)

We thank the Cappellani Music Megastore of Acireale for the sponsorship and for the supply and technical assistance of the instrument on which the two South Korean artists performed, the Artistic Director Maestro Daniele Petralia, the Municipality of Acireale and TVCLASSIQUE for the audio / video shooting and for the streaming of the event.