In the immersive world of fashion, stories emerge that go beyond simple fabric and stitching, weaving together the lives of those who shape the industry with a magical touch. Today, we immerse ourselves in the extraordinary narrative of  Miriam Tirinzoni , a prominent fashion entrepreneur, and her destined meeting with the future beauty queen,  Francesca Bergesio , then  Miss Piedmont  and close to winning the title of  Miss Italy .

Miriam Tirinzoni, a woman of extraordinary talent and discernment, has demonstrated that she possesses a unique intuition in the art of recognizing talent. Her radar for elegance, grace and innovation in fashion is evident in every fold of the masterpieces that her fashion house has brought to the world.

The most fascinating chapter of this story takes shape when Miriam, sailing through the tumultuous waters of fashion, crosses paths with Francesca Bergesio, a young woman with a magnetic gaze and regal bearing. The decision to hire Francesca for a fashion show thus becomes a turning point, a moment in which Miriam’s vision merges with the destiny of a fascinating aspiring beauty queen. Francesca’s hiring for the fashion show is a matter of the heart and an artistic choice. Miriam Tirinzoni sees beyond Francesca’s radiant face, recognizing the inner strength and innate elegance that could have transformed a catwalk into a stage of pure grace. It was as if Miriam, with the eyes of her experience of her and the heart of a passionate guardian of the art of fashion, had read in the stars that Francesca Bergesio would be the perfect muse for her next masterpiece.

The meeting between Miriam and Francesca is not just a fashion story; it’s a tale of human connection, of how two creative souls intertwined to create something extraordinary, all while promoting the  Piedmont Region  where Francesca comes from in a food tasting event. The catwalk becomes a stage where Francesca’s every step becomes a melodious note, a symphony of style and grace that enchants spectators.

Miriam Tirinzoni not only shaped the future of her fashion house, but she saw very clearly the destiny and bright and glorious career in the world of fashion of Miss. This intuition is testimony to her ability not only as an entrepreneur, but as a keeper of the stories that reveal themselves through the fabric of clothes and the passes of a catwalk. Their meeting is a testament to the beauty of when two creative worlds meet and create something eternal. It is a story of vision, intuition of the destiny of those who walk gracefully on that bright stage.

MT Fashion  by  Miriam Tirinzoni  thus conquered the fashion stage in an extraordinary fashion show with the participation of  Miss Italia Francesca Bergesio . The winner, together with other Misses, wore spectacular dresses that enchanted the public during a Piedmontese lunch. The garments, worn with elegance, were a hymn to femininity, with impeccable details and luxurious fabrics.

The show highlighted the brand’s craftsmanship, combining classic elements with contemporary touches. This attention to detail was also reflected in the outfits chosen by other contestants, such as  Miss Tatiana Nicoleta Raducanu  and  Mariangela Vanalli , who opted for garments from the brand in important beauty contests. The event was not only a celebration of fashion, but also an opportunity to celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of Italian women. The finalists, with their magnetic presence, conveyed a message of confidence and empowerment, inspiring women around the world.

The collaboration between  Miss Italia and MT Fashion  has demonstrated that fashion can be a powerful vehicle for expressing the culture and beauty of a country. The event consolidated the brand’s position as a point of reference for timeless elegance and style, attracting the attention of fashion enthusiasts, media and industry experts. The entrepreneur targets women of character, offering a personalized experience through tailor-made clothes and unique accessories. The distinctive design of the bags and belts, together with the made-to-order proposals, highlights the designer’s commitment to creating a union between style and personality. For the brand, the Miss Italia fashion show represented a triumph of style, class and national pride, consolidating Italy as an undisputed icon in the world of fashion.


Miriam Tirinzoni , a native of Valtellina, is an enterprising and determined woman, characteristic of people who grew up in the mountains. Graduated in Political Economy , she has accumulated various managerial experiences and founded  MT CONSULTING SRL , a company active in fund raising and in the management of relationships with public bodies to obtain benefits and incentives, collaborating with institutions such as the  Lombardy Region  and  the Ministries.  Subsequently, you started  ENERGIE ALTERNATIVE ITALIA SRL , an Esco  focused on promoting energy saving. In 2020, she successfully launched her fashion brand  MT Fashion .

Miriam Tirinzoni has demonstrated her ability in entrepreneurship and consultancy, consolidating her role in the fashion industry. In 2021, she dressed  Manuela Arcuri on the Venezia78  red carpet   in a black and white dress that received many positive reviews. In 2022, she also dressed  as Duran  for the recording at the show  “Verissimo” . Also in 2022, Russian Showgirl  Vera Atiuskina  chose an outfit and bag by Miriam Tirinzoni. During  EXPO Dubai  2022 , you received the mention as  “Revelation Designer 2021” . In July 2022, she was awarded the  Cartagine Academic Honorary Award  at the  Sala Protomoteca del Campidoglio  in Rome by the Cartagine Association .


Photo by:  Ambrogio Trezzi 

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