Settembre 30, 2023
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The Award


The Gold Siegfried Award was established as an emblem of our cultural commitment.

We took inspiration from the story of this Norse mythology hero, who was betrayed while pursuing his own ideals. An authentic character victim of deception, but with a big heart for love and justice.


The Gold Siegfried Award is an international award for Lifetime Achievement and institutional social commitment strongly desired by the President of the CCM Museum Mariagrazia Minio.

In its third edition, the collaboration and involvement of important names is expected, who will be part of the scientific committee and will help the President in her choice.

The prize is awarded annually to the most important personalities in the world of journalism, literature, art, music, dance, theatre, cinema, fashion, politics, social commitment and OLD Masters (Foundations and Museums).

In fact, there are exactly 11 areas that the President has chosen to implement the project.

Award features

The creation and design of the awards have been entrusted to the expert hands of the International Master of Art Carmelo Fabio D’Antoni who designed and created them.

The prizes are divided into categories:

Gold Siegfried Award statue made in Bronze : Cinema, Theater, Fashion, Music and Dance

Elmo Gold Siegfried Award made in Bronze : Old Master (Foundations and Museums) and Artists (Painters, sculptors, photographers, designers)

Gold Siegfried Award plaque made of metal : Journalism, politics, literature and social commitment